Earned Time Credit Petition

People should be given credit for their rehabilitation efforts and hard work to transform their lives. Since each person and set of circumstances is unique, they should be evaluated on an individual basis, rather than categorized by the crime they are serving time for. After a certain time, staying in prison becomes detrimental to the people who are trying to rebuild their lives, and the communities that were left behind.

Heat Petition

The dangerous heat conditions in our TDCJ units are an unacceptable health and safety hazard. We’ve learned that the temperature log documents heat ranging from 117°F to over 149°F. Can you imagine living in that extreme heat all day, every day?

Concerned families are raising their voices about this issue, and we won’t stop until the Texas Legislature hears our voice and prison conditions are improved.

Independent Oversight

Criminal justice advocates and the families of Texas inmates are calling for independent oversight of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to help spot systemic issues before they once again result in tragic circumstances or costly litigation.