Family Resources



Here you’ll find information to help you with email messaging for loved ones, writing and letter supplies, as well as transportation to the units and hospitality houses.

Public Documents

We reserve most of our documents for our Basic and Basic Plus members, because without them we cannot survive. However, some documents are provided here as a community service, and we are developing a section of public documents which will include sample newsletters.

Member Documents

Members can access documents here. Sign in required.

Legislative Updates

Members can access information about new legislation here. Sign in required.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)

This is an enormous website, but it would be good for you to become familiar with it. Through our quarterly meetings with the top TDCJ administration members, we requested that they make the website more user friendly, maybe with a page specifically for family members. On the TDCJ homepage, in the upper right corner, you will see the results, ” info for Families”. On this page are 12 links that will help you find what you need on the site.

Custody & Child Support

Here you will find information about parental custody and child support as it relates to inmates and their families.

Preparing for Parole

Preparing for parole: parole packet basics, consultants.


Issues regarding re-integrating parolees with their families and society.


Organizations with whom TIFA collaborates to help inmates and their families.


Here you’ll find info on how to contact your representatives to advocate on behalf of the incarcerated and their families.

Weekly Emails

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