FAQs (members only)



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Q. How do I start a TIFA Chapter in my area?

A. TIFA’s Bylaws impose very few requirements for obtaining official recognition of a local Chapter.  The Chapter must be organized by three TIFA members in good standing; it must meet in a public place; and it must meet at least once a month.  Two of three requirements should be simple enough; the only one that may seem difficult is finding an appropriate place to meet. Go to the ‘Chapters’ tab and on the drop down menu under the header ‘Starting a New Chapter’ you will find more information. When you are ready, give us a call at 512-371-0900 and we can help.

Q. Is there a list of books we are not allowed to send to offenders who are in TDCJ?

A. You can find a list of the banned books at the texas Civil Rights website http://www.texascivilrightsproject.org/2803/banned-books-in-the-texas-prison-system-how-the-texas-department-of-criminal-justice-censors-books-sent-to-prisoners/

Q. If a grievance has not been responded to within 30 days who else, other than the Ombudsman and regional director, can help you?

A. You can file a grievance about the grievance… And you can also file the Step 2 with a copy of the original grievance, explaining that it has not been resolved. Just make sure it is something the System can resolve and that you had first tried to talk to the official in charge before filing the Step 1. You are covered that way. And always keep copies.

Q. Who notifies next of kin when an inmate is moved to a free world hospital in an emergency situation?

A. Currently the Warden needs to be aware of the medical emergency and then he uses his discretion whether to notify the family or not. Communication between TDCJ and free world health care is none existent and is currently under review for change.

Q. Does the annual health care service fee of $100  apply to patients who have a chronic condition?

A. No. But the minute a patient mentions any other issue they are having other than the chronic condition or they freely go to medical with any other medical issue the fee is charged.