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Texas May Double Healthcare Fees for Its Massive Prison Population

Feb 23 2017
A recent VICE investigation suggests this would be a disaster for families without raising much cash for the state.

How Medical Copays Haunt Prisoners and Their Loved Ones

Jan 17 2017
In the Texas prison system, illness is just another way for the state to profit on the back of inmates.

Erschabek: TDCJ needs more transparency, accountability

By Jennifer Erschabek
January 9, 2017
Prisons are the right place for many of those convicted of crimes. But prisons also should be safe and humane places – with independent oversight that allows for accountability and transparency.

Erschabek: Texas prison reform must get ‘smart on people’

By Jennifer Erschabek
August 24, 2016
The main driver of the issue of over-incarceration in Texas falls squarely on the shoulders of legislators. They write laws that allow or require longer prison terms for certain types of offenses and longer percentage of sentences that must be served behind bars.

Legislators allow prosecutorial and judicial discretion with little accountability; prosecutors and sheriffs to protest parole; and allow the parole board’s use of inadequate and subjective assessment tools in determining who qualifies for parole.