Parole Preparation

If you would like help in understanding how to put together a parole plan / packet, PLEASE JOIN TIFA so that . . .

(1) you can access the Members Only portion of this website. There you will find documents like “Basic outline to create a parole plan”, “Parole risk factors” and “Interstate Compact” (how to apply to have an inmate serve parole in a different state from the one where he or she served their sentence) plus links to relevant websites.

(2) you can search our newsletter archives for information about parole. ‘Search’ on the TIFA website is only available to TIFA members.

(3) you can attend chapter meetings where you will meet people who have had experience working on parole plans and within the parole system. Ask the chapter chair whether they have had a program about parole plans . . . express an interest in seeing a parole plan that someone else has put together. Most of our chapter chairs have at least one meeting each year where parole board members and / or parole attorneys are invited to speak

(4) you can decide whether you want to hire an attorney. But the attorney will be asking you to write the same letters that you would be putting into a parole packet if you did it yourself.