TIFA symbolStatistics: A major concern to TIFA is the impact of their parent’s incarceration on the children of men and women in Texas jails and prisons. According to recent evidence from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), parental arrest and confinement add to the stress, trauma, stigmatization and separation problems of the children. As a result, they often exhibit a broad range of behavioral, emotional, health, and educational problems that are compounded by the pain of separation. Most current studies show that children of inmates’ risk of future incarceration is now eight times greater than their peers.

Angel Tree Program

All too often, the forgotten victims of crime are the little children of inmates, who are left without a father or mother – through no fault of their own. We all pay the price for this: the evidence is clear that children with a parent in prison are more likely to end up in prison themselves someday. Now you can join Angel Tree, a ministry of Prison Fellowship, and help break this cycle of crime by sharing gifts for children of inmates during the holiday season.

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