DonateTexas Inmate Families Association


Donating to TIFA helps us fulfill our mission to strengthen families through support, education, and advocacy. Your financial support allows us to continue helping families dealing with the loss of a loved one to the criminal justice system.   Your contribution will make a huge impact. Here are a few things your gift to TIFA can help us achieve.  
  • $35 provides a one year membership for a family
  • $85 provides a membership and a scholarship to a TIFA parole workshop
  • $250 provides a stipend for a chapter chair to attend the annual TIFA Chapter Chair Training.
  • $600 pays for the printing of our brochures to be distributed at the prisons.
  • $850 pays for the printing and mailing of one issue of our newsletter to our loved ones in prison.
  • $1,250 would support our website for a year.

Donate Your Car to TIFA

Support the Texas Inmate Families Association by donating your unwanted car, motorcycle, boat or RV. When you make a donation, your vehicle is resold at auto auction and the proceeds help TIFA support, educate and advocate for families affected by the criminal justice system across the state.            

Donate Your Car FAQ'S