TIFA is providing the Storybook Project in several TDCJ units. The Storybook Project allows incarcerated parents to engage in the reading development of their small children and provides an opportunity for meaningful contact between the child and the parent.

To participate in the Storybook Project, eligible inmates turn in I-60 requests and 24 – 30 are accepted into the 8-week program. TIFA volunteers go to the prison taking children’s books, tape recorders and tapes. Our volunteers assist the inmates in selecting age appropriate books and as they record audio that can be shared with their kids. TIFA volunteers then mail the recording and book to the caregivers of their children. Maintaining vital family connections is a goal of TIFA and we are proud of the work we’ve done with the Storybook Project.

Currently (June 2012) only the Travis County State Jail – Austin is being served by TIFA’s Storybook Project.

**A special thanks to Senior Girl Scout, Nicole Lozano, who donated over 300 books to the Storybook Project. Please read article about Nicole in the Fall-Winter 2008 issue of the TIFA newsletter.

Storybook Audio and Transcript Interview on KUT Austin

Storybook Family Day Video